Stadi Cup

Stadi Cup is one of the world’s largest girls and women’s football tournament. It was founded in 1985 and is held every year in Helsinki, Finland. In 2019 almost 400 teams and circa 7000 players were involved!

The 2021 Stadi Cup takes place  10 – 13 June. Now from Thursday to Sunday which makes it easier for teams from abroad to attend.

School, camping and hotel accommodation and meals can be arranged for attending teams. For further information, please contact:

You can enter your team from this link.

Ages G7  – G18, women 7vs7
You can choose if you want to play in the basic level or in high level groups, from age G10 and up.
Fee: G7-G9 220 €, others 280 €

Stadi Cup offers you:

The beauty of playing football and having fun together.
Best teams in Finland are attending.
Perfect conditions and fields for playing football in a high level
Helsinki, the capital city of Finland offers you a lot of other nice things to explore, read more here.

Welcome to Stadi Cup 2021!



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